World Wildlife Day was proclaimed in 2013 by the General Assembly of the United Nations. A date that seeks to remember the importance of environmental awareness and harmony among all existing life forms.

An occasion like this, held every March 3 from 2014, suggests and exalts the celebration of the fauna and flora of our planet, which bring to human life an intrinsic balance and that have been the basis of the ecological, genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational and aesthetic development through the years, according to the United Nations.

Our planet hosts thousands of animal and plant species, from which approximately 7,000 of them are in danger of extinction. What makes these figures even more alarming is that the determinant factor is a direct connection with the human kind. Although human activity has taken giant steps when it comes to development, this has not been carried out with restraint or measure, and the living proof of this is the hasty climate changes, the incoherent migrations of species, global warming, among other natural phenomena.


Everyone’s commitment

Besides being an international call to celebrate wildlife and remember its essentiality in human life, it is also a reminder to companies around the world to implement the environmental responsibility to their priorities, in order to achieve a social and technological development, as accelerated as sustainable

We’d like to invite all our readers to celebrate wildlife on March 3, by acting responsibly with the environment and taking the love to nature to every possible corner, because this sense of belonging is what will ensure us a flourishing future as a society.



Juanita Gallego R.
Digital content analyst