Ecological terraces are places that stand out in the new trends of design and architecture through innovation and sustainability. Also, these places have the aim of improving air quality and therefore peoples life in urban areas, promoting green spaces.


Ecological terraces are sustainable alternatives

Lack of green spaces in cities has caused deterioration in the environment and in the same way the quality of life, so the ecological terraces emerge as a new alternative that introduces innovation and sustainability to these places. To implement such projects in buildings, it is not necessary to have large amounts of space, money or structural capacity. Since, it only takes a little environmental and ecological awareness to transform the terraces into areas that allow us to optimize the use of solar energy, water and wind. Furthermore, beautifying buildings, they purify the air, and provide habitat for surrounding fauna also decrease the consumption of electricity and water.

Green cities

Nowadays, the importance of green areas in cities lies in the positive effects on the environment, all city inhabitants, and animals. Also, the effects can manifest themselves in various areas of social character as it is environmental or ecological consciousness of people; in the process of empowering communities by building sites and environmental socio-cultural identities.

The new global trend

This is a new architectural, landscape, ecological and environmental solution that cities must implement. Besides, it is a way of integrating and valuing those untapped spaces. Sustainable construction is a trend that is increasing worldwide, and this is confirmed with the creation in 2002 of the World Council of Sustainable Construction WorldGBC, which brings together the councils of more than 100 countries in the world that support, promote and encourage the development and implementation of this new trend.

Daniela Parra 
Digital Content Analyst