Smartwatches have multiple functions. So, they are a portable device that are designed to be worn on a wrist. Besides, have advanced operating systems able to making calls, keeping track of sporting activities and heart rate monitor, Wi-Fi, GPS and can even be synchronized with mobile devices.

Smartwatches a global trend

Your watch will be your best ally, because it is an excellent technological tool and also is booming. Meanwhile, a smartwatch is more than a wearable accessory. Thus, is a very useful item since each feature that smartwatches enjoy facilitates and changes in a positive way users life. Besides, they are smart devices with which you can perform almost the same tasks as with a smartphone. Everything you need to know about the bests smartwatches, we will introduce to you the top two briefly below:



The new device, completely redesigned by Apple, has the WatchOS 5 operating system. It has two versions, one 40mm and the other 44mm, from which Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity can be maintained. Among the pillars of this watch are, ease of use, tracking features health and fitness.

Moreover, allows you to run apps, play music via Bluetooth, 4G LTE technology provides a data connection and a cellular connection to make calls, receive and send messages. It can also be used to take an electrocardiograms, to detect cardiovascular diseases, cardiac cycle or understand the metabolic alterations, fall detection and emergency calls,  GPS tracking, accelerometer, gyroscope, and barometric altimeter.



If you have an Android phone this is the best smartwatch you can buy. It has a rotating bezel that allows you to navigate through the device more easily. Furthermore, has fitness functions, including heart rate sensor, automatic recognition of physical training, physical activity habits tracking, GPS tracking, altimeter and barometer integrated. It records also automatically sleep and heart rate sensor alert you when to take a short break.

Tizen OS 4.0 by Samsung has 4GB of internal storage space for apps, music, supports Spotify playlists and can be connected to Bluetooth headsets.

If you are passionate about new technology like smartwatches, there is no better option, because you will have everything within reach of your wrist.


Daniela Parra
Digital Content Analyst