Trees are an essential part of life. Plant a tree in less forested areas brings many benefits. Trees provide oxygen, help regulate the temperature and humidity, further contributing to infiltration of rainwater, also retain and increase the biodiversity.

Plant a tree! What are the benefits?

  • Furthermore, they absorb carbon dioxide, which stored, processed and released as oxygen.
  • They are responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases that are produced by climate change. Control as much as possible climate change.
  • Each tree is able to filter 28 kg of pollution.
  • Prevent ground erosion because their roots hold the ground and prevent loss of minerals from the surface.
  • Provide food, raw material pulp for papermaking, combustible materials such as wood and coal and other elements.
  • Fight heat because their branches and leaves form protective layers that prevent the sun passes, shading and freshness. Regulate the temperature of the forests and cities.
  • Each tree planted becomes a new ecosystem. Similarly, they act as a natural shelter for animals.
  • A medium-sized tree can filter more than 8000 liters of water per year.
  • The water vapor that cools the air and moistens it is released by the trees.
  • If you plant a tree on your property, its value is increased by 15%.
  • Having trees and plants in places around you lowers your stress levels.

The future of the earth is in our hands, plant a tree this year, and help us to reforest our forests. It is not enough to know what is happening, but it is also necessary to think and take action, our goal is to protect and care nature, so  we need your support to do it.

Daniela Parra 
Digital Content Analyst