Species conservation is a concept that must be transmitted as a legacy and it has an ethical and natural support. So, it refers both to the use and sustainable regulation of existing species, to allow their survival  in the space they inhabit, and to the preservation of animals from extinction.

How to prevent species extinction?

Although, we believe that we can not really do anything from the daily life of our lives to protect wild animals from extinction, there are measures that we can carry out in a personal way with the objective of not harming world’s biodiversity. For this reason, several initiatives have been generated, which allow better implementation of  species conservation protection plans.

Currently, there is no lack of knowledge about this situation in which each animal species is found, and it is our duty to face that important problem that affects our environment, both animals and plants and environment. Therefore, small actions make a difference, by this way:

  1. When you go to the field, you must not make fire: in 95% of cases, the fires are due to human disregard and are one of the most important destruction reasons of natural habitats.
  2. If you practice hunting or fishing, do not do it outside the designated areas, nor outside the legal season. So, think that, if it does, it endangers conservation of the natural animal populations and these will disappear.
  3. When you go to a protected area, you must inform yourself about what activities are or are not allowed. For example, in many protected places, free camping is not allowed.
  4. Never leave trash in the woods, as you put the lives of animals at risk.

For Appliin, it is important that you become part of organizations such as WWF Global, one of the largest and most recognized non-profit non-governmental organizations in the world in terms of the conservation and protection of the biodiversity of fauna and flora, be active, participate and promotes the care of our planet.

Daniela Parra 
Digital Content Analyst