Nowadays, apps are tools that provide us with facilities in any situation or time. we can see more clearly how they somehow have influenced and change over our lifestyle since we have apps for every day activity.

Apps have never been so useful for our lives

As the technology through apps has given us several benefits. Well it is enough today just a simple click to create communication, make a bank transfer, transport, learn a new language, look for a job, watch TV shows, series or movies, as well as listen to music, read a book, play and follow sports performance, to mention some of the most everyday, actually  without having to leave the place where we are.

Besides, to each daily activity previously mentioned there is an app that allows to modify, combine and build services agree to the needs of each user in order to facilitate their lives. On the other hand, so as active users of an app we can give ideas, opinions, feelings, events of our lives, share photos, videos or broadcast live, everything we want we can do thanks to this type of digital technologies.

Finally, without a doubt the apps came to our lives to connect with people around the world, facilitate daily tasks, optimize our time, create value, entertain, distract, learn and live more comfortably, manage our money, among other activities that we can perform online reliably.

Bilingual our first app

Bilingual is the first app created by Appliin , in which you can connect with bilingual people around the world. It will be a dynamic, impeccable and functional app. You can make new friends, learn something new and share what you want in any language. In addition our app will help you to further develop your skills to learn a new language more easily and improve your fluency, with the ease of being anywhere.


Daniela Parra 
Digital Content Analyst