Forest fires are uncontrolled fires that feed on leaves, wood, dry wild grass and wind, on its way. So, they are generated by anthropogenic or natural causes. Where large areas of land and forest are lost in a matter of minutes and are usually devastating.

Key causes of forest fires

Nowadays, first there are forest fires caused by man. Anthropogenic causes are those oversights, accidents and negligence committed by individuals, which account for over 90% of fires in the world. Sometimes, most of these fires are caused by cigarette butts, which are left on the ground, stakes, barbecues or bonfires that are left on, as well as intentional acts such as burning to clean crops of weeds, besides with land management activities such as the burning of agricultural and forestry residues or land burning for pasture renovation.

Second, natural causes are located with 10% and are the least common. Fires from lightning, volcanoes and earthquakes tend to have a single focus, are less frequent and are easier to extinguish.

There are two types of forest fires. First, surface fires begins at the surface and extends along the ground through the dry leaves, branches and grasses in the forest floor. Second, crown fires, the tops of shrubs and trees burn due to the resinous material emitted vigorously by the trees.

Effects and consequences

  • Natural cycles of forests are seriously disrupted when the frequency of forest fires in a particular region is high, causing disappearance of native species.
  • Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse effect and the climate change.
  • Fires in forested areas of the planet erodes the ground, leading to floods and landslides.
  • The ashes produced by the fires destroy the earth’s own nutrients which do not regenerate again.
  • Income and jobs are lost for workers in the agricultural field, whose field crops and animals were destroyed by forest fires.
  • The massive loss of wildlife. Also, the extinction animals and other forest species.

Preventive measures

Appliin appreciate and advises you that every time you have the opportunity to be in contact with nature, do not throw cigarette butts or glass to the floor. Likewise, if you ignite bonfires or fires prepare the ground and keep an eye on everything safe, both for you and for nature. Finally, if you look at some neglect or human negligence report it as soon as possible and avoid a tragedy.

Daniela Parra
Digital Content Analyst