Technology is becoming more advanced every day and e-bikes are gaining strength in cities. They are a trend in mobility and have been quite successful, so there are a lot of benefits to people and the environment to be used as a means of sustainable , healthy and ecological transport.

E-Bikes Features

E-bikes are powered by electric motors nonpolluting vehicles therefore do not produce greenhouse gases to be used; They have a power of 250 W, which generate 25 km / h speed limit. The motor carries a rechargeable battery with a plug that facilitates its recharging in any regular electrical connection. On one side, spending per recharge is minimal, are more comfortable than traditional bikes because they allow longer distances in less time. On the other hand, there are types of e-bikes, as road bikes, cycling, mountain, folding, tricycles, etc.


  • It does not need gasoline.
  • The energy consumption is minimal, it does not generate pollution.
  • It does not make noise.
  • If you compare it to a car or a motorcycle, it has a low cost to maintain it.
  • Despite being a motor vehicle, you do not need to purchase specific insurance.
  • You do not have to pedal, you just need to speed.
  • You do not have to go alone, you can take someone and best of all, without effort!
  • With an e-bike, traffic jams disappear and you will be happier.
  • The electrical assistance makes everything easier, so your muscles do not have to strain more than necessary, and the load on knees and ligaments is less.
  • It is estimated that the cost per 100 km of a bike is $ 906 COP.

Healthy, affordable and sustainable!

You can choose to use an e-bike as a conventional bike, exercising pedaling, or use in electric mode. It is proven to be one of the most complete and universal activities to prevent back pain, protect joints and improve the circulatory and immune system, as well as keep your mental health in order. Besides,  it is the most affordable vehicle in relation to the effort made and the goal achieved. Finally, there are more and more people who dare to move by e-bikes in cities. Appliin wants you to reinvent yourself and look for new ways of sustainable and environmentally friendly transport. Be one less car in our cities!

Daniela Parra
Digital Content Analyst